About Sonnen Expo Logistics

What sets us apart is the competence and professionalism of our team, combined with a personal touch, efficiency and an eye for detail. This is where our service stands out and, eventually, saves your company time and money.

We have 9 years of experience in our team, and yet, as a small company, we are the sleek speedboat to the big, sluggish oil tankers you might have worked with in the past.

And rather than our commitment to our clients being empty words, we have paid our dues working as part of much larger logistics teams for a good number of years and deliver quality based on your individual needs.

Team lead Mariell Sonnen
Mariell Sonnen
Team Sonnen Expo Logistics - Mariell Sonnen, Julia Sonnen and their team

Our Team

Our team at SONNEN EXPO LOGISTICS, based in Düsseldorf and Barcelona, is a small but highly professional group of experts in the exhibition logistics industry led by Mariell Sonnen who entered the industry after a successful internship under Kelley Smith and Chad Thomas at Exhibit Transport Inc. (today’s Global Reach) and eventually became self-employed after several successful jobs.

Her success and ability to adapt quickly to new challenges have led her activities to form a successful and established team in a very short period of time, especially after the pandemic, that uses their capabilities as an advantage for long-term planning, ideas, and fostering our international capabilities.

With Julia Sonnen, her sister, who also has years of experience in exhibition logistics an incredibly strong foundation was laid. In addition to the Sonnen Sisters, our team is complemented by Aron, Tobi, Mateo and Augustin, talented and committed men who enrich our team with the same standards, as well as their knowledge and dedication.

And, last but not least, we are proud to claim to have the youngest employee in the industry: Teddy “Mr. Sweetface” Theodor Sonnen, our dog and Human Resources Manager. Teddy has the unique ability to hire personnel efficiently and ensure that everyone on the team is happy and productive.

As a team, we are proud to support our customers with our commitment and passion for the industry. We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and achieve their goals.